First Aid When Sprained Ankle

Frequent wearing high heels, running, or jumping can make ankles prone to sprains. If you are experiencing it, let's try the following steps so that a sprained foot can heal immediately. Sprained ankles occur when the ligaments (strong connective tissue that connects bones) to the leg are injured. Ligaments function to help stabilize joints and prevent excessive movement. The position of the legs that change or rotate suddenly, can make the ligaments stretch too far or even tear. Similarly, if you set your foot at the wrong angle or use too much force, the ligaments can jerk. Here's the Sprain Relief Sprained ankles are divided into three levels, namely mild, moderate, and severe. Fortunately, mild and moderate ankle sprains can heal on their own. To speed healing, you can do the following: Rest the ankle joint for 2-3 days after a sprain. But that does not mean you can not move at all. You can do some physical activity, but not too heavy. It is recommended not to run or
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